All the Gods in the Sky/ ( Tous les dieux du ciel )/ 2018 / French

Dir: Quarxx
Why FiC recommends?
1) Visually the film is one of the most stunning in recent memory, we are seized from these first moments by its aesthetic which evokes the scenes close to that of David Lynch films, the cinematography of Antoine Carpentier is simply sublime.
2) If you like horror films to be clear and unambiguous, you won’t have much fun here, as ” All the Gods in the Sky ” reveals a different result to almost every viewer. This French gem fits many genres into one film, and it pays off in the end.

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The Burning Buddha Man / (Moeru butsuzĂ´ ningen) / 2013 / Japanese

FiC Rating: 4.5/5
Dir: Ujicha
Why FiC recommends?
1) Cut-out puppet style with combination of gekianimation telling a Buddhist Wizard of Oz story with Cronenberg-style body horror and overtly inspired by the works of Man Gataro and HR Giger-esque characters.
2) Without a doubt, Ujicha signs an artistic work as rich as it is. A unique delirium staged both marvellous and nightmarish. As a viewer you only think: WTF.. It’s MORBIDLY BEAUTIFUL!!

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Somersault in a Coffin /( Tabutta Rövasata) /1996/ Turkish

FiC Rating: 5/5
Dir: Dervis Zaim
Why FiC recommends?
1) There are simply not enough words to describe the quality of this project made with modest budget, which reaches the very top of world art cinematography and which is a film reading for every person who takes film art, in the true sense of the word, seriously.
2) Dervis Zaim is a director who creates the physical into the metaphysical. In this film, he explores the theme of life, friendship, love, innocence and deals with social realism, as the perseverance of simple people notably our Mahsun (Ahmet Ugurlu) a drifter and petty criminal through all life’s misfortunes, as his motives that lead him to tomorrow. A Must watch for all cinephiles.

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